RULES I need to follow for my own good!
and I want you, my followers, to remind me my goals if I feel weak, Please? 

I want to lose at least 10 pounds by the end of November. 
I’m fat fat fat and it makes me self-harm and feel sad. It’s disgusting to look at my body, I hate touching my stomach. I can’t even feel my ribs and hip bones like a month ago. It needs to stop.

I’m gonna restrict my intake by following 2468 diet with my rules. It will also help me lessen my purging.

  • first day is fasting (if possible)
  • every time I go over calorie limit by 100kcls, diet starts again.
  • every time I binge and purge, diet starts again.
  • every calorie will be counted. (food will be weighted)
  • no fasting or 200kcls days on weekends. (being home and parents)
  • calories burned in exercise do not excuse for crossing calorie limit. (aka, will not be counted)
  • rule breaker should be all things parents, not weakness.
  • no (obsessive) weighting before the end of the 1st week, better 2nd. for my benefit.
  • drinking alcohol is allowed but at least 200kcls will be left for it from the day.
  • Try…

starts 31th October till the end of November

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